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Culture as Seen through the Kaleidoscope of Fine and Applied Art.

Culture as Seen through the Kaleidoscope of Fine and Applied Art.

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  • Exploring the Relationship Between Jung’s Intuitive Thinking and Modern Art: Is There an Opposition?

    I find an intriguing connection between Jung’s theories and vision in art, especially in our modern era where we’re confronted with fast-paced ‘art’. The juxtaposition of intuitive thinking and logic, alongside the acknowledgment of myth’s sacred significance in our lives, often unsettles people. In a society that prioritizes rational reasoning above intuition, doubts naturally arise…

  • The Modern Disease

    It’s undeniable that mental disorders like anxiety and depression, as well as cancer and autoimmune diseases, are on the rise in our societies today. You might wonder about the connection between our mental and physical well-being and art. Well, our health is closely connected to how we handle our emotions. On the flip side, art…

  • Is Modern Art Truly Considered Art?

    Duchamp’s Fountain, Wikipedia, Alfred Stieglitz’s courtesy If ‘statements’ or ‘concepts’ are really the core of ‘modern art’, does it make it really art? Is Duchamp’s fountain a piece of art just as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? Well, if we look at the definition of art, it is, indeed, ‘the expression or application of human creative…