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Culture as Seen through the Kaleidoscope of Fine and Applied Art.

Culture as Seen through the Kaleidoscope of Fine and Applied Art.

The Modern Disease

It’s undeniable that mental disorders like anxiety and depression, as well as cancer and autoimmune diseases, are on the rise in our societies today. You might wonder about the connection between our mental and physical well-being and art. Well, our health is closely connected to how we handle our emotions. On the flip side, art is all about expressing human experiences. Emotions are like signals to our minds, and if we ignore them, they can lead to harmful outcomes, as Freud suggested.

The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of the Modern Art era, which reflects the values of its time. Nowadays, Western societies are known for their fast pace, mass production, and obsession with technology. This has led to the rise of emotionally distant art, prioritizing function over form and beauty.

Recent scientific studies by experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Dr. Nicole LePera highlight the negative impact of disconnecting from our emotions and living in a fast-paced society. It’s evident how societal values influence art throughout different eras. Taking the time to express our emotions accurately through art can be crucial for healing. But what about art in our hypermodern society?

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